Growers can benefit from the 28 different blueberry varieties that Fruitlab has to offer. All plants are grown from tissue culture in our state of the art laboratory. Plants are supplied as 63ml plugs, ready for planting in soil or pots. We can work with you to advise on the best variety for your climate, location and production system. All our varies are open varieties which are 100% licence and royalty-free. Fruitlab is a Member of the SA Berry Growers Association.


Raspberries are fruit producing brambles and can produce one or two crops per year, depending on the varietals. All raspberry plants are grown from tissue culture in our state of the art laboratory. Choose from a selection of floricane and primocane varieties, and start growing profitably today. Our rapid multiplication procedures are designed to minimise production time without compromising on plant quality.


Plant consistency is critical for a profitable strawberry growing facility. Our strawberries are produced using a special multi-stage procedure which ensures true-to-type, virus-free plants. of the highest quality. Produced entirely indoors, from tissue culture to tray, our strawberry plants are of the highest quality.

Growing Medium

As a berry producer, you will benefit from using the best quality growing medium for your specific berry crop. We have tested various different mediums such as white peat, black peat, perlite and coco coir from different parts of the world (for a few years) and have selected one particular supplier in Europe.

We have therefore standardised on the best blends for the 25L berry pots, which we use to grow all our mother plants, and are now a chosen supplier in SA for these berry medium blends. The mediums are wrapped in small bales (200L) and large (6000L) bales and can be collected in Jhb or Cape Town branches. Delivery options are also available outside South African borders.


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